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Celebrate 10 years of The Riot!

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of The Riot!, we compiled some of the best articles, cartoons, and advocacy tips from past issues and featured some of your favorite characters like Craig, Cubby, and Jack and Jill.

Read, print, and share all three!

Riot Issue 34

Best of Craig Says


Riot Issue 34

Best of Relationships & Romance


Riot Issue 34

Best of Speak Up & Speak Out


The Riot is about self-advocacy. We offer a newsletter, a blog where self-advocates can share opinions, an online art gallery, toolkits, games and services to help individuals become stronger self-advocates. We cover topics that are important to self-advocates. And we really don’t like silly rules that just keep people down.

We are serious about self-advocacy issues, but we also want to make you laugh and feel good about life. Join us to celebrate the strengths of self-advocates. Help take on the barriers that stand in the way. Most of all, let’s work together to help people live the life they want with the support they need.

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Riot! TV

Take a look at this cool video! We will be switching it out soon so come back regularly to check things out.

What are Jabbers?

Jabbers are a fun way to get people talking about what they want in their lives. They are FREE – collect all 3!

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