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Senior Riot Editors

The Riot! editors are a committed group of self-advocates from around the country who brainstorm topics, interview people, write stories and keep the self-advocacy movement moving forward.

Teresa Moore, Chief Editor, lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Teresa works on the Set Yourself Free project on the web-site It’s an awesome project at Southwest Institute for Families and Children. She started People First of Arizona and now supports the Self-Advocacy Coalition of Arizona. She also owns and operates Moore Advocacy, which is a consulting business. She works in many states where she shares information, learned a lot, and has made lifetime friends. Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered is where her connections started. Her fellow self-advocates provided her with support and that little extra push. She met amazing people who taught her, and listened to her ideas. “The Riot! self-advocacy newsletter has given me an opportunity to write about all the issues that self-advocates, family members and organizations want to support change and talk with those who have other beliefs.”

Monica Foster, Associate Editor, is a vibrant amputee on wheels who was born with spina bifida and faced leg amputation in 2010 after life-threatening illness. She lives in Landis, N.C. with her husband, Bryan. Monica runs BUTTERFLYWHEEL® Motivation, Advocacy & Consulting (, her coaching and consulting business. She’s a vision board, life and career coach for adults and youth with disabilities. A Governor’s appointee to the N.C. Statewide Independent Living Council, she is also a N.C. Certified Peer Support Specialist focused on helping people with mental health challenges and dual diagnosis. Monica speaks, consults on disability projects, trains groups on self-advocacy and disability awareness, and writes for other disability-focused publications. She’s passionate about safe, healthy relationships among people with disabilities, as well as encouraging equal employment and small business opportunities.

Ricky Broussard is from Alvin, Texas. When he’s not busy being a Riot Editor, he likes hanging his hat at sporting events. Pass that stadium hotdog and listen up for Ricky. He’ll be the one rooting for his team with the most enthusiasm! When not hanging out at his favorite game, look for him cruising off to some mysterious island for some fun in the sun. Anyone up for a party? Ricky sure is! Slip on some shades and relax with him. He is always up for more friends. He’s got a lot of them!

Dayna Davis is from Elmira, Oregon and is cooler than cool. When she’s not rockin’ the self-advocacy boat at conferences, she’s working hard as a Riot editor. She loves to teach people how to take control over their own lives. Dayna became a Riot editor because she loves to share ideas with other self-advocates and write about current events, movies, and other cool stuff. Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman who radiates confidence and power, much like Dayna herself!

Erica-Rachael Fiel IV graduated high school with honors. She lives in a small town called Suffolk, Virginia. In her spare time she loves to go out to old cafés with friends. Her ultimate goal in life is to become a well-rounded leader. She enjoys being a self-advocate for others and herself. She hope’s to make The Riot! a little like herself - full of fun and energy!

Mike Grengs is the Sergeant at Arms for People First in South Dakota. He is also involved in South Dakota Advocates for Change and a member of the Watertown Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities. Through People Planning Together, he trains people with disabilities how to direct their own plan. He is also the first rep for his region for SABE. He likes to spend time with his parents, friends and family, and go to concerts and WWE Events. Mike says, "Even though I have disabilities I can be like everyone else and be involved in all kinds of activities."

Trisha Jones is a self-advocate from Arizona, a former Treasurer of Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered and a member of her state D.D. Council for 8 years. She was also employed as Arizona’s state Protection and Advocacy organization as a coordinator for the Self Advocacy Coalition of Arizona and a member of People First of Arizona’s statewide board. She is a college student at Arizona State University, studying to become a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Therapist. She wants to show self-advocates that achieving their dreams is possible.

Eric Matthes is a true rockin’ Riot Editor! Whether he’s riding his bike in competitions or looking for new groupies to start his garage rock band, Eric keeps busy as a trustee on the Board of Directors for the Arc of King County in Washington State. Being the computer whiz that he is, Eric hopes to one day work for Microsoft and develop his own version of Guitar Hero. Rock on, dude!

Joe Meadours lives in Sacramento, California. He is a strong self-advocate and the Director of People First of California. Previously, he worked for the Department of Mental Health and MR in Alabama. Joe sits on a number of National Boards and has been active in the disability advocacy movement since the early 90’s. He is a firm believer that people and not programs should be funded. His goal is to move back to Oklahoma one day and become a State Representative. He has written a book about relationships and is working on his second book about policymaking. He enjoys all sports, especially going to baseball games, riding his bike and playing golf.

Julie Petty is a strong self-advocate and is nationally known for her work.  While she works hard, she also plays hard.  She lives in Arkansas with her family.  She is married and has two energetic boys who keep her on her toes.  She loves spending time with her family, dancing, and listening to music.  Her dream is to eventually retire in a beach house on the northwest coast and write children’s poems!  

Stephanie Walton was born in St. Paul Minnesota in 1983. She graduated from SouthSTAR Services’ Computer Class in 2008 and was hired to be the Computer Lab Assistant. She was also the editor of their client-run newsletter, The Shooting Star. Now, she is a Riot Editor and writes the newsletter for the Alliance, the statewide self-advocacy organization in Illinois.

Nancy Ward lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She is a Riot Editor and is the Information Coordinator for the Medicaid Reference Desk at the Oklahoma University Health Science Center. Nancy is also the Co-Director for the National Technical Assistance Center on Voting and Cognitive Access. She supports many causes and constantly advocates for people with disabilities. Nancy wants people to expand their hopes and dreams and wants them to know it’s okay to do so.

Marian West is from Concord, New Hampshire. She works really hard as a Riot Editor but knows how to play hard too! When she’s not busy with her paint by number works of art, she’s out and about living it up at the coolest ceramic classes in town. In her spare time, call her the Strong and Determined Super Woman! She’ll do all she can to help people with disabilities. Give her a million bucks and she’d just turn around and give it away to those that are homeless. All we can say is, you rock Marian!

Betty Williams lives in Richmond, Indiana but works out of Indianapolis. She is a Riot Editor and also belongs to the People First of Wayne County and self-advocates in Indiana. She is also the President of Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE). Betty became a Riot Editor because she loves the newsletter. She also loves having discussions about the theme of each newsletter and all the thought that goes into each issue. In her free time, she likes to relax and listen to music.

Erick Yeary lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He is a Riot Editor but also keeps busy as a member of the University of Idaho Center on Disability and Human Development, the Idaho Self-Advocate Leadership Network, Disability Rights Idaho and the State Independent Living Council. Erick believes in The Riot! because he said it stands for truth, shows self-advocacy a new way to get things done, and lets your voice be heard in new ways. He believes the stories and people are great. In his free time, he likes to go to the movies, play games on his Xbox 360, shop and chase girls.

Bryon Murray, lives in Utah and a member of People First Utah. He is also the regional representative for SABE, Chair of the Policy Committee and a member of the Bylaw Committee. Bryon loves to hunt and fish and being involved in the disability movement. He is known for saying how he feels and causing problems in the community around disability issues. He’s not happy unless he’s causing a ruckus! He educates people about the “R” word and helps self-advocates gain leadership skills.