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Riot Brief

Welcome to the new Riot Brief!

Here at The Riot! we like to shake things up! We love to hear what self-advocates have to say and we wanted to do something a little different.

Riot Briefs focus on an issue that is important to self-advocates, and is based on their ideas. The information is availalbe in different formats like infographics, videos, soundbites, and reading materials. This first Riot Brief is about experiences with support staff (the good and the bad) and how to have a good working relationship with support staff. We know this is an important issue to self-advocates, since many of you are supported by staff now or will be in the future. After you take a look, please take some time to let us know what you think, and what you want in the next Riot Brief.

Thank you!

Making a good relationship with staff

The Riot asked self-advocates across the country about what is important to them in support staff. Here is what they had to say.

Riot Card

What have you liked best about your staff members?

What have you like least about your staff members?

What would you want a new staff member to know about you?

Here are some facts about support staff.

Staff Card

Watch the videos below to hear personal stories from self-advocates about their experiences with support staff.

If your self-advocacy group or a group of friends is interested in talking about your experiences with support staff, you can try the icebreaker activity here. We used this activity to talk with self-advocates around the country. Download the PDF which includes instructions and cards that you can print out. Then you can answer the questions with your group. After you finish the activity keep talking about other things that are important to you, and other ways that you can make your relationship with support staff as good possible.


Riot Cards


Many thanks!

We’d like to thank Teresa Moore, Angela West, ASAN, The Alliance, and two Portland self-advocates and artists, whose artwork is featured in their interview videos, for their assistance in creating this Riot Brief! Without you, the Riot would not have a voice.

  1. Jacek/Jack A. Haciak09-02-16


    Great that you are developing this!!

    I would appreciate a transcript to access the video dialogue. I can absorb and integrate the info more quickly and efficiently in that form. I understand that the video is more useful to folks who process better visually, so if you don’t have the capacity for a written form, no problem.

    Also, it would be good to date entries to the website. I often find information that seems to be out of sync with what I already know, and then find that the posting was from eight years ago. Just helps for perspective.

    Thank you for your time and this great work!


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