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About Spenser…

Spenser Acker lives in Topeka Kansas and recently graduated from Washburn Rural High School. Spenser is an exceptional young man with autism. He has limited communication skills, but manages to navigate our world every day. Like many artists, Spenser gathers his inspiration from the world around him. His exposure to the physical world as well his emotional interactions with others has shaped his interest. He likes all things related to nature, the outdoors and is a huge fan of dragons, chalk and bubbles. Spenser has been filling the driveway with his sidewalk chalk art for a number of years. He creates patchworks of layered color and shapes, many of which are inspired by his passion for the weather. We wanted to share his work and hope you enjoy his vision as we do.

Please feel free to visit his web site at
Click here to view and purchase art by Spenser.