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About Jenny…

Jennifer Lynn Unrein lives in Topeka, Kansas with her parents. She has drawn pictures on cards for family and special people in her life since she was little. In high school, she saw a show on Oprah where a girl was selling lemonade to raise money for cancer research. She wanted to do something about it, too. So she and her mom came up with the idea of making artwork together to donate to fundraisers. Her business is named JennyLU Designs. She is very excited about her business. She thinks it’s fun to work together with her mom, and they take it to heart. Jenny says, “It’s motivating to me so I can get more better at it.” She tries to do the best she can. She likes to draw and make people happy and get ideas to do artwork. Her favorite part is seeing the reactions to her artwork. She took art classes in high school but it went too fast and she found it easier to draw from inside her. Her mom helps her get better by showing her how to put her “stamp” on this world; make her own statement.

Jenny’s work has been all over the world and recently was presented to Katherine Sebelius in the White House. She has a website, facebook page and attends conferences for special needs.

Please feel free to visit her web site at

Click here to view and purchase art by Jenny.