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About Jen…

Jennifer Walter , now 28 years old, has led a very active, community-based life. Jennifer graduated from her community high school in Highland, IL and received an Associate of General Studies from Lewis and Clark Community College. She has traveled with her mom to destinations around Illinois and to Washington, D.C., Florida, Missouri, and Georgia. This might not seem unusual except that Jennifer is also a person who has severe cerebral palsy and significant support needs which impact all aspects of her life and health. Jennifer expressed a love of art starting at a very early age and spent every minute she could with Mr. or Mrs. Burns, art teachers in the Highland schools. She feels that through art she found a place to fit in and a new way to express herself. Over the years she tried many types of art but settled in with acrylic painting. When she started Lewis and Clark Community College she met Angel Weber, a professional artist, teacher and now friend and mentor who is always thinking of ways for Jennifer to be independent and express her creative voice through painting. In 2009, Jennifer had a private gallery showing of her artwork. All of Jennifer’s painting is done in acrylic on flat or un-stretched canvas to maximize her freedom of movement and creativity. Her painting implements include sponges, rollers, round brushes and rags and a variety of techniques including drop-and-drag, rolling, dotting, swishing, splattering and scraping. Once she has completed a canvas, it is stretched if needed and can then be framed. Jennifer has sold many of her original works and also sells prints and cards upon request. Currently, Jennifer is working to further her dream to be self-employed as an artist and, with the support of her family and friends, she is selling her artwork, participating in art festivals and setting up her business.

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