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About Dylan…

Dylan Kuehl Dylan Kuehl (pronounced Keel) is a life-long resident of Olympia, Washington. He has used art to express himself as early as five when he attended Kindergarten at the Olympia Waldorf School. Able to speak only 3 words, he used beeswax crayons to express himself. Over the next 22 years, his language advanced and so did his art. As an “Outside Artist” he has no formal art education, but in Elementary School, he enjoyed drawing pictures for posters. He especially liked dinosaurs at the time. During Middle School, like many of his peers, he found the large number of people in the hallways overwhelming and needed a quiet place to relax. But because he didn’t know how to say this, he found myself getting in trouble and sent to the office, a lot. Lucky for Dylan, arrangements were made so he could paint during these times. In High School, he took pencil drawing and watercolor painting. After public school, he had the pleasure to work with a few local artists. In addition to art, he is a motivational keynote speaker and has traveled to Italy, Ireland and Amsterdam. He took hundreds of photographs which are now becoming paintings. In 2012, he will travel to South Africa in search of his next paintings. For the past 5 years, he has been taking private one-on-one lessons from Dorisjean Colvin, 83 year old, world known pastel painter and instructor. She has been teaching him the art of soft and hard pastel painting along with what it means to be a “professional artist”. Dylan’s paintings continue to improve along with his language and knowledge as an artist. To view more of Dylan's art, visit DK Arts

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