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About Daniel…

Daniel May is one of Studio C’s most imaginative artists. Daniel creates vivid works on paper and canvas, which are influenced by pop culture, fairy tales, and Greek myths. A prolific reader, he also depicts mythic characters from his favorite novels. The artist enjoys recreating the stories using mixed mediums such as oil pastels, colored pencils, watercolor, markers and acrylic paint. Daniel has also explored collage and the application of found materials to his canvases, creating vibrant textural works reminiscent of the art of assemblage. Fairies, 2009, a highly-abstracted display of color, line and texture, was awarded by popular vote, Best Work in Show during an exhibition at Studio C for the 9th Annual Balancing Acts Disability Arts Festival.

To purchase Daniel’s original art, To purchase Daniel’s original art, please contact Studio C, in Calgary, Alberta.

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