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National Conversations

The Riot 2017 National Conversation – October 5, 2017

We Are Watching!

We are watching YOU, President Trump! And we are watching our US Senators and Congressional representatives. We are watching governors and legislators too!

eye The Riot’s 2017 National Teleconference – We Are Watching – provides a forum for self-advocate leaders to talk about:

• What they expect policymakers to do to make sure that they can get the support they need to live in the community and be in charge of their own life.

• How they think policymakers are doing. That is, to judge policymakers on the decisions they make that will either help or not help self-advocates.

• Ideas about what self-advocate leaders and others can do to make sure that policymakers make good decisions.

Mark your calendar for October 5, 2017. That is the date of the first teleconference where self-advocates will talk about what they expect policymakers to do. There will be another a few months later for self-advocates to judge what policymakers have done.

The cost to register for the October 5 meeting is $20! Join Us!

Use the button below to pay using PayPal.
After you pay, you will get an email with call-in instructions.

Organization name:

Speaker List

Angela West ~ Virginia
Matthew Shapiro ~ Virginia
Michael Thornton ~ Arkansas
Rebecca Voskeritchian ~ Virginia
Garrett Brumfield ~ Virginia
David Pinno ~ Wisconsin
Kathy Bates ~ New Hampshire
Shiloh Blackburn ~ Idaho
Ian Bott ~ Idaho
Yoshi Kardell ~ HSRI (facilitator)