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We offer toolkits for trainings on many different topics that are important to self-advocates.  To date, The Riot! has developed three toolkits: Self-Determination and You,  Planning and Giving a Presentation: A Guide for Self-Advocates, and Working Together for Change. These toolkits can be used by individuals or self-advocacy groups.  Each toolkit listed is available for $30.  An additional shipping and handling charge of $5 is added to every order. Find out more about each toolkit below.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF order form that you can print and fax or mail in.

Self-Determination and You

If you have always wanted to take control of your life and make your own decisions, then check out the Self-Determination & You toolkit.   This toolkit shows self-advocates how to:

  • Speak up for themselves and others, 
  • Help others to speak up for themselves, 
  • Be the boss of their own lives, and 
  • Be more active in the community.

You will get a workbook and a CD with a slideshow (viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader). Instructors and Advisors can use the slideshow to teach groups.

PRICE: $30.00
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Planning and Giving a Presentation: A Guide for Self-Advocates

It can take a lot of time and hard work to put together a good meeting and a good presentation.  This toolkit shows self-advocates how to:

  • Work with a planning team, 
  • Plan and give a presentation, and 
  • Organize a meeting.

This toolkit has 75 pages of text, including sample agendas, flyers and worksheets.  Specifically, it teaches self-advocates ways to share information with their audience, how to be good presenters, and the ten steps to planning a presentation.

In addition, this toolkit will help self-advocates plan everything it takes to put on a meeting.  Self-advocates will figure out:

  • How much everything will cost, 
  • Where and when the meeting will take place, 
  • Who will come to the meeting, and 
  • What materials are needed for presentation day.

PRICE: $30.00
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Working Together for Change

For self-advocates to live the life they want, some things have to change. A person may want a new job, different services, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a new place to live, or something else. Sometimes people want to change things in their own personal life. Other times, people can work together as a team to change things for lots of people. The purpose of this toolkit is to help you and others make change around one issue that affects a lot of people. Using this toolkit, your group will:

  • Choose an issue to work on,
  • Identify partners and build partnerships,
  • Develop an action plan,
  • Put your plan to work, and
  • Evaluate your results.

PRICE: $30.00
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